A year’s membership to our annual dental plan entitles you to:

Routine Dental Check-Ups

Our check ups are very thorough. The dentist will check your head, neck, jaw and soft tissues of the mouth and tongue for any irregularities; your gums for any sign of disease; your occlusion (or ‘bite’) to check how your teeth fit together and give you a full clinical examination of your teeth, looking at every tooth surface for signs of decay and checking that any existing dental work is sound.

In your first check up x-rays may be taken to help the dentist look for decay cavities that cannot be seen during the clinical examination. Two routine x-rays are included but charges may apply for more detailed x-rays.

Routine Scale and Polish Appointments

A visit to the hygienist offers far more than just cosmetic improvement. A scale and polish removes the hard calculus (tartar) from around the gum line and removes plaque and surface stains from your teeth. If needed, our knowledgeable hygienists will also talk to you about how to improve the care of your teeth at home. Your annual plan membership includes two hygiene appointments to help keep your teeth and gums healthy, as well as improve the look of your smile.

Considerable Cost Savings

By joining our Dental Plan, you save at least £66 on check-ups and hygiene visits alone! We also have some great discounts on dental care products for our plan members.

 Plan A - £129 AnnuallyPlan B - £179 AnnuallyPlan C - £279 Annually
Check up Includes 2 check-ups (first two X-Rays) Includes 2 check-ups (first two X-Rays) Includes 2 check-ups (first two X-Rays)
Hygiene Includes 1 Hygiene Includes 2 Hygienes Includes 4 Hygienes
Discount of Selected Treatment 5% 10% 10%
Normal Cost £161.90 £221.80 £341.60
Savings £32.90 £42.80 £62.60


Find answers to FAQs below or read our leaflet for sign up information

Our annual dental plan is £129 for the year, making it a very cost effective way to help look after your teeth and prevent problems from building up.

This works out as only 37p per day for your routine dental care!

  • Routine Dental Check-Ups
  • Routine Scale and Polish Appointments
  • Great offers on dental care products

By joining our Dental Plans, you save a minimum of £40.90 on your routine check-ups and hygiene visits.


Visit pebble dental practice and our team will walk you through the steps. You cannot currently sign up online.

The plan is set up on an annual direct debit so you will need to complete a direct debit form. You can always print out the direct debit form on the back of the sign up leaflet to save you time and drop it into us next time you're in Sainsbury's.

As a dental plan member, you can currently purchase a new electric toothbrush for you or a family member at a discounted price! Please ask in store.

Choose between a Philips Sonicare or an Oral B Pro-series.

The full terms and conditions can be found here: https://www.pebbledentalpractice.com/dental-plan-terms.html


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