Having a scale and polish is one of the quickest and safest ways to improve the overall health and appearance of your teeth.

Teeth are stained by many things like tea, coffee and red wine. At their worst, stains can be obvious in your smile. Having a scale and polish will help remove those superficial stains that build up over time and move your teeth closer to the colour they should naturally be.

But did you know that there are other reasons why your teeth might benefit from having a scale and polish every 6 months?

Even when you have just finished cleaning your teeth, your teeth immediately become coated with proteins found in saliva. These proteins allow bacteria to cause cavities and gum disease to stick to teeth.

Over time, if not cleaned regularly, this bacteria continues to grow and form soft yellow plaque. This can be brushed off at first, but if left for long periods of time can harden into tartar (or ‘calculus’ as your dentist might also refer to it) which is then very difficult to remove by brushing alone. Plaque and tartar forms most commonly between teeth as they’re often missed when cleaning. Plaque can form anywhere on teeth that haven’t been cleaned thoroughly or regularly.

Having a scale and polish will help get rid of the tartar build-up and will allow for much easier cleaning at home. That means a lower chance of tooth decay, a lower chance of bleeding gums and gum recession, and a lower chance of your teeth gradually becoming loose over time due to bone loss.

In fact, you can even improve bad breath issues noticeably just by having a scale and polish.

And most importantly, it will give you greater confidence in your smile.

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